Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Nothing is more disheartening than finding out that your data may be lost forever! That moment you realize that you should have been backing up your data more frequently. We’ve been there! The last thing you want to do is try random software to recover your data. You could cause permanent damage, rendering your hard drive completely useless. If you have experienced a hard drive failure stop using the drive immediately, and give us a call! 860-274-5560

There are three types of data recovery, and we are equipped to handle level 1 and level 2.

Level 1 – Recover deleted data or forensic data recovery
When data loss happens due to deletion or accidental formatting of the data by the user by accident, or on purpose, one can recover data if the disk sector has not been written over it yet. If you have deleted a file, or formatted your hard drive, stop using it immediately. As long as the deleted file hasn’t been overwritten there is a good chance we can recover it!

Level 2 – Recover data from bad sectors, or logical crash.
As a hard drive ages, bad sectors appear on the disk due to the wear and tear. This sometimes results in error messages that appear when trying to open files. Or the system may run really slow. Logical crashes happen when the partition table is lost or damaged, or virus attack to the boot sector of the drive. In these cases drive sounds absolutely normal but the computer will not boot or asks the user to format the drive.

Level 3 – Mechanical Failure

This requires a clean room recovery. Opening a hard drive in a normal environment can introduce particles, potentially rendering any recovery method useless. We have companies we can refer you to if level 3 recovery is required. We will not open a hard drive under any circumstance.

Once we have examined your hard drive we will send you a list of what we believe is recoverable, and a cost estimate. We can typically keep the organization of the recovered data similar to your original layout, such as the folder names, file order, & file names. At this time you can decide whether to move forward with the recovery or not.